Translating Tagore’s Anondolokey

August 27, 2011

In the Kingdom of Joy, under the rays of benediction, let the beauty of truth prevail.

Your glory illuminates throughout the endless sky, the universe is hemmed in with jeweled clothes to adorn you.

Planets and stars, the moon and the sun, drink and bathe themselves beneath your eternal glow in a pace of ever-eagerness.

Thou shower upon the earth the blossoms of spring, the goodness of honey along with the sweetness of songs in the most beautified manner.

The fountain of life continues to flow forever after, in ever many a new dimension, but the presence of thy mercy, my Lord, is perpetual, unhindered, be it in life, or in death.

Affection, love, kindness, devoutness; all these you have bestowed to make the soul tender and soft, how much consolation and solace do you vest upon us , to take away the agony!

In Your world, oh Lord, what great a festival does the universe hymn, in order to receive thy fearless shelter; you, who is the protector of the abundance, who is sublime, who is the Supreme.

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