Peer reviewed Articles


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Study Reports
1. Analysing the Legislative Gaps in the Detention Scheme of the Foreigners in Bangladesh: The Released Prisoners, National Human Rights Commission, Bangladesh.
2. Diverse Streams of Education in Bangladesh and Realisation of Right to Education, (coauthored) JAMACON Yearbook 2014, National Human Rights Commission, Bangladesh (2014).
Book Chapters
1. Street Law and Public Legal Education: A Collection of Best Practices from around the world in honour of Ed O’ Brien, Ed. David Mcquoid-Mason, JUTA (2019)
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1. Editor, SPIYCE Human Rights Fact Finding Manual (first of its kind in Bengali), ELCOP & EMK Center, March 2019
Research Monograph (Unpublished)
1. Need for a Right to Cultural Identity: The Dialectics of Narrow Identity markers creating Identity Crisis in Heterogeneous States, LLM Long Paper, Harvard Law School, 2015

2. Conciliation and Other Alternate Procedure for Dispute resolution in Personal matters Incorporated within the Legal System of the Sub-continent, Research Monograph for LLM, University of Dhaka, 2013