Kolpotoru is an oriental watercolor painting. Keeping honest to the fluidity of colors as found in oriental style of painting, this piece of work however chooses an abstract depiction. he slow transition from the greenery to the coral blue signifies how the heavenly Kolpotoru tree might reside very near us, only if we dare to venture and explore. The two peacocks and pea-hens signify true love as a couple. With true love, we find bliss that can take us to heaven on earth.
Oriental on watercolor paper. This was the illustration for my wedding card. The motifs here symbolize the freshness of anew life. the bride, in vibrant hues, has a solemn expression, the Lotus is a symbol of auspiciousness in Bengali culture, and the blue background in contrast with the orange tone sets the mood.
Radha and Krishna
Celebration of love- I leave it to you to interpret what loves means to you. It can be friendship, it can be queer, it can be two women awaiting their partners... acrylic on canvas in patachitra style. 24X24.
This was my first ever patachitra. I was inspired by artis Raghunath from gaibandha, who sadly has passed away in his peak. This painting, as if as a fitting tribute, had been damaged by damp. While the relics have been preserved, I have the digital photography of this age to thank for preserving the original look of the work that was mine.
acrylic on 36X48. simplistic wash and brush stroke. A modern take on oriental theme.
Pastel on canvas, 36X12. This piece is inspired by the great Jamini Roy, and while I strayed from his bold brush strokes of black outline, I tried to keep the mood. The ladies here signify various moods and roles in life. The central figure is the mother, while the dark skinned ladies on both sides are women who find their strength in beauty shunned by society. The ladies in the side are partially blocked , because not always women carry one another forward, especially when women are cursed to fight for control within the limited domain of domestic reign.
আমি কেবলি স্বপন, করেছি বপন- oriental, water and powdered pigment on paper with chinese ink. The snail symbolises the slothness with which women were expected to appear and function, while the branch of leaves symbolize women stored power of rejuvination within themselves, often unntoticed by patriarchy. The scarlet red and the black signify strength and struggle.

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  1. Anika Ferdous

    Madam, I can’t help but marvelling at the fact that how knowledgeable you are! I somewhat envy persons who have managed to gather so much knowledge in so many fields. And for your paintings, I am not at all eligible to judge them, hence I will not comment on the quality or composition or any technicalities. I am enjoying going through the them and reading the adjourned descriptions.

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