it’s always about religion; It’s never about religion

July 12, 2014

Today I write about something I usually don’t write about. But today I write for my students and anyone else who might read it. All the atrocities and crimes that are being committed in Palestine while I safely type this status is not something new. The history is full of such incidents: Bangladesh, Rwanda, Bosnia, all have seen it. Then why does it repeat? If u think it’s vengence: u r RIGHT. if u think it’s religion, u r ALSO RIGHT. And YOU KNOW WHAT?? these reasons that u r giving me actually would JUSTIFY such actions by Israel. They have a history of oppression, starting with moses when he led people to Israel out if egypt. Then comes holocaust and everything. So if u bring religion then you are already lost. Such a long line of oppression takes time to be revenged, right?But then, let’s think a bit differently. Think about crusade: was it religion? No. Think about the armenian genocide: was it about religion? No again. Think about PAKISTAN N BANGLADESH: was it religion??? No no no! Think about the abbasaide dynasties encroaching upon europe: it was not religion either. You can now stop me. Ask: crusade was between church and caliphate. Armenia was between Christian s n muslims. Even moses’exodus was between egyptian gods and Jehova( elohem). Even 1971 was about muslims and hindus, just like 1947. then isn’t it ALL about religion???

fellas, it’s always about religion, it’s never about religion. Today, politics is many people’s religion. But for ages, religion has been the ultimate politics for those in power. Even today, they put religion to secure their political aims.Why? U ask? Simple!Religion is the easiest way to drive people crazy. It’s the easiest tool to make you blind. That’s what the Popes did. The Caliphs did. Hitler did. Pakistan did. They wanted land. Property. Resources. Minerals. And they used the weapon that cost nothing: your(blinded) faith.

Dont talk about islam when you talk about Palestine. Don’t talk about Judaism when it’s israel. It’s not Christianity that USA is really worried about. The British tore us apart so that the big landmass known as Indian subcontinent no more exists. Bosnia was partly about breaking up Yugoslavia. Talk about Armenia: hell, it’s about the turks trying to take it all.

it’s not for nothing that Saudi Arab can always find USA at its side. man, they have all the oil you need.

and you tell me about HITLER???

Extremism is not Patriotism. What Hitler did was the greatest debt Germany ever concurred. why? because he cleansed Germany off those people who HAD the ACCESSto Resources. the Jews back then were the rich. the ones with means. its not Aryan supremacy that “Solely” moved Hitler!!

Don’t you remember, that Yahya said, we don’t need the people of East Pakistan, we only need their land!!(?)

Think. And then speak. It’s about religion. It’s never about religion.

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