How far can your mind travel?

I have often come across this line: always remember and be thankful of what you have instead of focusing on what you don’t have. Oprah also has a quote along these lines: “If you only focus on what you don’t have, you will never have enough; and if you are content with what you have, you will have more than what you need.” (Writing off my memory so might not be correct verbatim).

I appreciate the spirit of this line. But along the way a question pops: how do we know we are not settling for less than we can produce, proffer, create?  How do we know our limits? How do we ensure that in not complaining, we are not shutting out providence and opportunity?

It falls upon the human mind to set its limits. It also falls upon the mind to understand its limits. When these two decisions don’t sync, disaster ensues. Our minds are groomed from early childhood to think along specific lines, but still we develop individual thoughts, biases and prejudices that are distinct from the people or society that surrounds us. That shows that mind has its own path. A mind curves it own road of idea, own trains of throughts, its own chain of deductions. Even reason works differently in every mind. That is why even after knowing certain and many universal principles and facts of life, no two decisions are the same.

And that brings me to my question: how far can one’s mind travel?

Manush tar Shopner shoman Boro: this is only probable when the mind not only knows the dream, but also knows the technicalities the dream needs to solve in order to become true. This is where we fail as a society. I look at individuals who brave mountains, become the most odd professional, choose the quirkiest career- as if jumping off the children’s fantasy books or movies. I wonder how they know what they need to do in order to be what they are. 

For a movie buff like me, this realisation came too late. I saw Rick O Connel, I saw Tintin, I saw Meve, Benjamin Gates, Dr. Chase, Johnny Quest. They were already there. these movies didn;t tell em how they got to be where they got to be.  I did not have social media while growing up, so I had to deoend on television for these information, and i had a daily quota of minutes for television. I saw movies on Coco Chanel, otehr oathbreaking women. But I failed to echo that.

The only successful information gathering programme I watched was in 2006 on a bangladeshi channel about Bibi Russel, how she studies in London and became a Runaway Model. Even then, the show didn;t tell me how exactly do i search the university or apply to a fashion programme.  I came from an academic family, so that coud have been easily solved, but the moment my father heard “Fashion”, that was the end of it.  And because I was groomed to liste to ‘every word’ spoken by parents,  my mind told me to stop. Same with my dreams of being those people who worked in the pyramids: they have a name- Egyptologist, which again I did not know back in school. Looking back, I feel quite stupid as a child. My mind had many dreams, it would travel to Egypt for work and to England for studies, but my mind could not travel to the information desk that might have helped me. 

Today, as I hit a ripe age and start feeling my journey to becoming old has started,  I look back and realise, my mind liked to wander but no so much make a journey. My wandering mind thus gave me a lot of recluse and helped me survive my darkest hour, shutting my better judments and rationality off, by feeding me fairytales and fantasies of a better life, but because it wandered aimless, I could never reach the end point of a journey.  I can not draw a map to follow,  find no highway to take. I still wander as such. And now that I am olding, I am slowly gathering that perhaps this is my limit. I find  such wandering comfortable. I tried to push my mental limits. I literally get lost while paving a way. 

I think of the women who being older than me found the courage to traverse uncharted waters. But I see the girls I knew, and they are not that different than me. I see the girls my age who I didn’t know, and they are doing amazing things. Is then my perspective to be blamed? Or is it a fact that my surroundings while I grew up, the environment I had curved a specific path for my mind to follow, and while my mind tried to take a diffeent route, it just wandered and couldn’t curve a road?

Or is it just shifting the blame? Because if the limitations are mine, then it is nature and not nurture.

These are endless questions the answers to which make or break a person. Women like BSK, BR, WN –  I don’t know how their minds travelled so far and found the route. I would like to know. 

So, how far does your mind travel? Do you know your roadmap? Do you have a story to tell?

Tell me your story. I am a good listener.  That’s something I can mindfully offer. 

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