Abstract Painting

What does it mean to dream? WHat does it mean to have vision? Often our mind sees what the brain fails to see, yet the brain never makes the connection in time. This painting, which is one my favourite, is among the longest projects. I had to paint over the background thrice before the outline came to me. It is mixed media on 36X48 canvas. The silhouette of the woman signifies the beauty of psyche, and the eye symbolizes the consciousness. The trees and roots on the background with cubist images show us how life can be farreaching yet stagmant, depending on how we like to interprete it.
My tribute to Gurudeb
Gagane Garaje megh, Ghana Barasha - the poem Shonar Tori by Rabindranath on how Time i.e. Mohakal, will judge our life's work, has been with me since school. This poem not only marked the Poet's maturity into a philosopher, but showed how deep and enriching allegory can be. Acrylic on canvas, 6X6
Ribs and Cages: Oil and acrylic on 12X36 canvas. This piece depicts my raw emotions of a depressed mind that I could not express verbally or in writing. The darkness is my mental state, and the redness is the storm that had just started breweing inside of me, though it would take naother 5 years to get detected, and another 4 to get treatment.
Not as abstract as the thought, yet this painting has a sweet story. We were learning quick painting that day in class, a technique where you wet the canvas and splash color and let the wash take a form to guide the picture. The whole picture is supposed to be prepared within 1 hour, though mine took over 2. The piece depicts an ideal rainy day in Old Dhaka, complete with the derelict Mughal buildings and Bangla Cinema posters in techno color.
Shayambhu in my mind: Nepal is a dear country, with many dear friends and joyful memories. Acrylic on 24X24 canvas. The eye of Shayambhu guides the inner spirit towards Nirvana
Butterflies in my mind (not stomach!) I just wanted to have fun with stripes and ribbons. So I painted the background that has been faded by silver spray paint. The butterflies came later, in class. Just as my ribbons transformed into subtle background from colorful banality, butterflies symbolised the transformation that in the only constant in life. ACrylic on canvas. Now in my ancestral home in Rangpur.
Acrylic on canvas: 24X36. Abstract is a style that came to me on its own. I had just switched to learning painting from pencil sketching, and after a few canvas trials and failures, i started doing abstract under the supervision of my teacher. The texture, the application of different types of color, the mixing of hues- it all has its own life in abstract. often, abstract painting guides me rather than me deciding what the painting should look like. This piece is my tribute to the Debi of Sundarbans, who keeps protecting our Bangladesh during cyclones and storms, while we are hell bent on getting more power at the expense of the largest mangrove forest, a World Heritage Site. The fool that man is...
Faces: acrylic on canvas, 24X24. face and eyes are two themes that frequent my sketches. the faces blend into one another, because with our many faces as humans, our soul knows there is one face that enmasks all.
রোদ বৃষ্টি বাক্সে পড়ে, বাক্সে আছি অন্ধকারে...
woodcut on paper

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